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Intuitive Wellness Coaching plans customized

to assist in meeting individual and collective goals.

You May be Wondering...

What is Intuitive Wellness Coaching?

Everyone is blessed with the gift of intuition; which is the ability to inherently "know" something without needing to rely on external sources or conscious reasoning. This internal knowing and universal gift is often left unwrapped; making it hard to imagine and create a most fruitful life. Intuitive Wellness Coaching is a partnership designed to support, challenge and celebrate the development and growth of a lifestyle based on holistic health and wholeness.


Is this type of coaching a good fit for me?

If you have ever made the decision to listen to someone or something outside of yourself when it comes to your life choices; only to quickly experience a feeling of regret because you knew you had the answers you needed all along, then Yes! I help others learn to listen, use discernment, and trust their inner voice while creating a holistic healthy lifestyle as they explore the connections between themselves and spirit, through: mindfulness practices, naturopathy, astrology & numerology.

My coaching approach is goal-result oriented and intended for those who are ready to, and or, have already begun to journey through self-discovery and awareness.


What can I expect from my coaching sessions?

Each session is formatted to Reflect, Explore and Challenge. During the 50 minute sessions, we will discuss any insights you have from the previous week's challenges; delve into new ideas and theories based on mindset shifts, and set measurable goals that align with your highest self.  As your coach, I am accountable to serve as a caring and non-judgmental channel between present challenges (of mind, body, heart, spirit) you may be facing, and the life you are creating. 


I'm curious and interested... Can we connect before I decide to begin my wellness journey with you?

Absolutely! I offer a 15-minute Complimentary Coaching Overview where I share more about the concept and benefits of coaching, as well as how coaching became integral to my life's purpose. I also offer a 60-minute Discovery Discussion & Mini-Coaching Session which allows space for us to become more acquainted. At the end of this session, you will have an opportunity to request a customized coaching plan to further your commitment your wellness.

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