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meet chanel

Wellness Coach

Hey there,  I'm excited to introduce myself, and what Channeling | Twos is all about! My name is Chanel, and I'm no stranger to the impact and processes of grief and mourning; having survived losing a parent (2008) and child (2018). I understand the importance of self-awareness, having dependable networks, and workable tools to navigate not only life-after-loss, but also, a lifestyle designed to balance and strengthen the connections between mind, body, heart and spirit.

My experiences of venturing through my personal healing journey, inspired the work I love doing in the areas of mindfulness, naturopathy and holistic health and wellness.


I maintain a strong passion to help others rediscover, fearlessly nurture, and joyfully claim wholeness within themselves, so they gain all the freedoms life has to offer.

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your life, your goals.

Services Offered to Help You Get There

Individual and group coaching tailored for you
Personalized readings based on tarot, astrology & numerology insights

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

- lao tzu

Goals help you channel your energy into greatness.

- les brown

Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday.

 - anonymous

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