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When we share our individual stories, we find and make the connections between everything in our world. The lessons we share become collective roadmaps for others who are on their healing journeys, and serve as reminder, no one is alone.


― chanel BARKLEY



Chanel Barkley


channeling | twos

My journey into becoming an Intuitive Wellness Coach began after the loss of my son, Dorian, in 2018. When Dorian was born, doctors ran a series of genetic tests and advised me that he would be lucky to live to be 2 years old. He was 22 when he passed. This wasn’t my first, or only time facing major heartbreak. I was introduced to the process of grief recovery in 2008, following my mom's passing; however, before then, I experienced life without her physical presence. My mother lived in a vegetative state for 23 years, which stemmed from a diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 1985.


Reflecting inward as bereaved parent, I noticed the synchronicities between the lives of my mother and child, the prevalence of the number two—and the dualities within these critical events as they occurred in my life. I have always had a strong connection to the unseen and believe we inherit power not only from our inner spirit as we learn to become silent, listen and trust; but also from our names. We carry our purpose in our names. My mother named me Chanel. The translation in French, being “canal” or “channel” both serve as a bridge, or conduit. I realized the connect I have between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is how channeling | twos™ was formed. Between my name and my experiences, I channel in twos.


As an Intuitive Wellness Coach, I help others learn to listen, use discernment, and trust their inner voice while creating a holistic healthy lifestyle as they explore the connections between themselves and spirit, through:

  • mindfulness practices

  • naturopathy 

  • astrology & numerology

My primary Love Language is "Acts of Service," and I maintain a strong passion to help others as they rediscover, fearlessly nurture, and joyfully claim wholeness within themselves, while gaining all the freedoms life has to offer.​

I am accountable to serve as a caring and non-judgmental channel between present challenges (of mind, body, heart, spirit) you may be facing, and the life you are creating. 

My coaching approach is goal-result oriented and intended for those who are ready to, and or, have already begun to journey through self-discovery and awareness.

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